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We can repair windshield chips and cracks up to 10 inches in size and can usually perform same day service anywhere in the Las Vegas valley. All of our auto glass windshield repairs come with free mobile service and a lifetime warranty, so you can count on FIX-A-CHIP Auto Glass - wherever and whenever your car or truck needs an auto glass repair.

What to do When You Get a Windshield Rock Chip.

  1. The first thing to do when you get a windshield rock chip is to make sure that it's not penetrating the inside layer of the windshield, this is rare, but if you can feel the damage on the inside of the windshield it's not repairable and you must get a replacement.
  2. The next thing you should do is place a windshield chip saver or a piece of scotch tape over the damage to prevent debris or moisture from entering the break. If you would like a free chip saver card just give us a call and we'll be happy to mail you a few!
  3. Most importantly you should call FIX-A-CHIP Auto Glass in Las Vegas, NV immediately. We can usually perform your auto glass windshield repair in Las Vegas or Henderson the same day you call, and with the average rock chip repair only taking 20-25 minutes there's no reason not to choose windshield rock chip repair over replacement.

What Not to do When You Get a Windshield Rock Chip.

  1. One of the things to avoid when your windshield picks up a rock is to touch the glass damage. You might put to much pressure on the windshield and cause the crack to expand.
  2. Another thing to avoid is extreme temperature change. In Las Vegas, the main thing is the Summer heat. You don't want to wash your car with cold water in the summer, this will almost always end with the windshield crack expanding.
  3. Don't delay! Call FIX-A-CHIP Auto Glass as soon as the windshield rock chip appears. We can usually perform an auto glass repair anywhere in the Las Vegas valley the same day you call.

 Why Should You Choose Windshield Rock Chip Repair Instead of a Replacement?

  • Auto glass windshield repair takes about 25 minutes and we offer free mobile service in the Las Vegas and Henderson areas! FIX-A-CHIP Auto Glass makes auto glass repair easy and convenient.
  • Your insurance company will usually wave your deductible for auto glass repair making it no cost to you! Insurance companies save money by paying us to perform a windshield repair rather than a costly replacement.
  • Auto glass repair helps to maintain your factory seal in case of an accident! Windshields are a very important safety feature of your vehicle and rock chip repair helps maintain the original windshield seal as long as possible.
  • Windshield repair is much better for the environment! Windshield repair prevents millions of windshields from being dumped into landfills annually.
  • Most importantly windshield chip repair saves you time and money! Call FIX-A-CHIP Auto Glass in Las Vegas, NV today to schedule an appointment for your windshield repair.