Windshield Chip Repair in Las Vegas 

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Windshield Repair in Las Vegas, NV

The Windshield Repair Process: We use pressure and vacuum cycles to remove the air from the windshield break and replace it with an optically matched resin, we then cure the windshield crack resin with an ultra violet light.

The Windshield Repair Results: After the auto glass windshield repair is complete the damage will improve dramatically. It will no longer have a chance to spread and even though the auto glass repair will not completely disappear, we pride our self on performing the highest quality windshield rock chip repair in the Las Vegas valley.

Windshield Repair Safety Benefits: Windshield chip repair helps prevent auto glass windshield replacement. This might not seem that important, but maintaining the factory seal from your windshield to the frame of your car is incredibly important.

The windshield acts as a backstop when your airbags deploy and as a support in a rollover accident. If the auto glass windshield is compromised by either rock damage not repaired or an improper replacement the airbag might not deploy properly.

Other Windshield Repair Benefits: Every year auto glass windshield repair helps prevent thousands and thousands of windshields from being dumped into landfills all over the world. Windshields aren't easily recyclable, therefor, by repairing your windshield in a timely manner you're doing your part to clean up our planet.

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